S3 Ep 2: Circe by Madeline Miller

Episode Two is all about Circe by Madeline Miller. As we say in our intro, Circe is one of a kind, and she falls nicely into our bolters theme, because she bolts from godhood itself. The ultimate bolt?

If you haven’t read this beauty of a book then please do go out and read it. It’s one of our faves (and, side note, this episode is also one of our faves too thanks to our many digressions into the deeper questions of Greek mythology, such as what happened to Scylla’s human legs when she transformed, and is Glaucos really happy to be a fish-man?).

We will be talking about all aspects of Circe, so spoiler alert as always .

Show Notes

• Check out Madeline Miller’s website here. She has lots of paratext on there for Circe, including a Cast of Characters and a Photo Essay (highly recommended!).
• An article about the upcoming HBO Max adaptation.
• The original source material: The Odyssey, by Homer, who was a dude.
• Aiaia in the real world: Elba in the Tuscan Peninsula, Mount Circeo, the Ionian island Paxi?

• One artist’s rendering of Scylla and Charybdis:

unknown artist

Circe and her Lioness ❤️:

Circe by John Collier dated 1885 and signed. Oil on Canvas.

George Romney’s portrait of Circe inspired by the iconic muse Lady Emma Hamilton, circa 1782:

And, finally, you’ll just have to listen to the episode if you want to make sense of this:

Thanks as always to Rob Muir for our theme song, intro music and all things audio.

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