S3 Ep 1: The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

Welome to Season 3!

Our theme this season is bolters, so it only feels right that we kick it off with Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love, which features a character who is known only as “the Bolter.” Like all of the women in this season, the Bolter is a character who eschews society’s expectations and the status quo. She bolts, and she makes her own life, on her own terms. In The Pursuit of Love we follow the story the Bolter’s niece Linda Radlett, who may or may not be embarking on her own career as a bolter.

This book is a perennial favourite. It definitely has some problematic things in it (good thing we have a category for that!) but it is also a hilarious time capsule of a certain era and the eccentric elitist gentry and the bizarre things they chose to do with their privilege and money, such as dyeing canaries and hunting children.

There are some amazing lines and characters in these pages, which we hope you will enjoy. This book certainly rewards our love of absurdity. As always, spoilers abound when we talk about this book, so be warned. Read first, listen after!

Penguin Essentials 2018 edition

Show Notes:

The Bolter is based on a real person, Idina Sackville. You can read about her here and you can also pick up the comprehensive biography, The Bolter: Edwardian Heartbreak and High Society Scandal in Kenya by Frances Osborne.

Nancy Mitford was one of the famous Mitford sisters, and their lives were, as we say in the pod, BANANAS. There are lots of writings by and about them, including:
* The Six: The Lives of the Mitford Sisters by Laura Thompson
* Nancy Mitford’s books
* Jessica Mitford’s books
* Letters Between Six Sisters edited by Charlotte Mosley (a personal fave, if only for all of the great nicknames)
* A sampling of other books about the sisters from the Read Me blog

Here are some visuals of the famous sisters:

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Thanks as always to Rob Muir for our intro music, theme song, sound effects, and all things audio!

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