S2 Ep 6: Have His Carcase by Dorothy L. Sayers

A book with a distinctly beach-y, summery vibe, Have His Carcase follows Harriet and Peter to a seaside town on the coast of England where Harriet has managed to entangle herself in yet another murder case.

We do our best to sort through the web of characters and red herrings, untangle some ciphers, and keep everybody’s aliases straight. Along the way there is time to admire Peter and Harriet in their bathing suits, and watch the continuing development of their relationship.

Spoiler alert! This book has a particularly satisfying reveal, which we are going to spoil for you really early on into the episode. So GO READ THE BOOK!

We refuse to believe that this drawing accurately represents Harriet. Hodder & Stoughton edition, 1987.

Show Notes:

  • We mention that the minor planet 3627 Sayers was named after Dorothy L. Sayers. According to Wikipedia, the asteroid was discovered by the astronomer Luboš Kohoutek.
  • An article on a certain medical condition that shall remain nameless for spoiler reasons. *Do not click on this unless you have read the book/listened to the episode!*
  • A brief history of beards.
  • Turns out that “carcase” is neither old-timey nor a clever pun. It is simply a British variant of the spelling “carcass.”
  • The actor Ian Carmichael, who played Wimsey in radio and television, as well as who recorded many DLS audiobooks in a stellar manner. Highly recommended! Look for the ones narrated solely by Carmichael rather than the full-cast dramatizations to ensure that you get the unabridged version.
  • Further information about Enrico Pranzini and the sensational murder trial in Paris that influenced the conservative, xenophobic, anti-immigrant attitudes that some of the characters in this book are showing.
  • Shout out to Books & Company in Picton, Ontario, one of our favourite independent bookshops.

Thanks to Rob Muir for our theme song, original intro music, and all things audio. And thanks to you for listening!

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