S2 Ep 5: Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers

In this episode we launch into the beginning of our DLS quartet, with Strong Poison. This book introduces the character of Harriet Vane, and starts Lord Peter on a trajectory of emotional growth rarely seen in a fictional detective.
This book has tons to say, in a non-didactic, often humorous way, about the role of women at the time (early 1920s Britain), so come along for the ride as we all root for Harriet to avoid the gallows!

Check out this vintage cover! Philip Boyes is really checking out this femme fatale, but we’re not quite sure who she is… Avon edition, 1951.

Show Notes:

Thanks as always to Rob Muir for the original intro music, theme song, and all things audio. And thanks to you for listening!

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