S2 Ep 4: More Work for the Undertaker by Margery Allingham

More Work for the Undertaker by Margery Allingham is our book this fortnight, and so we take a highly enjoyable trip through an eccentric, absurd, and Dickensian London with amateur detective Albert Campion and his companions.
It’s a complex, slightly fantastical mystery, but as usual with the Golden Age writers, evoked with deep insight and acute observation. Margery Allingham wrote a plethora of Campion books, so if you loved this one, good news! There are plenty more.

As always, spoiler alert! We’re gonna tell you whodunnit. ​

Show Notes:

  • A link to the Margery Allingham society’s biographical page.
  • A link to the same website’s page about Philip Youngman Carter, who was Allingham’s husband. He not only finished her partially-completed final book after her death, but he went on to write further about Campion.
  • The Urban Dictionary entry for murderinos. It’s a thing!
  • Since recording this episode, we have learned that Margery Allingham also wrote 4 mystery novels under the pen name Maxwell March. Keep your eyes peeled for these in your local used bookstore!

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