Castle Minisode 1: Isabella Valancy Crawford

Hello, folks! After a little break over the winter holidays, we are baaack!

To tide you over until our Season 2 debut, we humbly offer the first of three minisodes, which will be released weekly for the next three Wednesdays. These are all mini-episodes that tie, in one way or another, into the books from our Castle theme.

This first minisode is a short biography of Isabella Valancy Crawford. Never heard of her? We’re not surprised! Crawford was a feisty and significant figure in Canadian literature in the late 19th Century, and her story touches on lots of fascinating things, from the “women question” of the era to the Victorian sensation novel, to the colonial idea of a “national literature” and the problematic representation of Indigenous people in the writing of the time.

Join us as we take a look at this forgotten female writer who was taking on the snobbery of CanLit way back in 1884!

Isabella Valancy Crawford, circa 1919. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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